Winter Wonderland in Quebec City

Winter Wonderland is the perfect way to describe Quebec City. ❄️⛄️
My fiancé and I arrived in Quebec 3 days after Christmas and it felt like the holiday season all over again! There was snow everywhere, pretty lights hung from buildings, HUGE Christmas trees, and dainty decorations. 🎄As if that wasn’t enough, Quebec City has its own Christmas store, called La Boutique de Noel which is open all year around! So I’m sharing with you today on what to do & see in QC.

We flew in pretty late and my parents actually picked us up! We ate, went to the hotel that my family was already staying in & got a good night’s rest. The first thing we did in the morning was head to:

1. Hotel De Glace 
Now, this hotel is not in the Old Quebec area which is where all the tourists go, so you will need a car. It is part of the Village Vacances Valcartier where they offer sledding, tubing, spa, and a huge waterpark. The name of the hotel translates to The Ice Hotel and that’s exactly what it is! It’s COMPLETELY made out of ice, even the beds and the “furniture.” If you’re adventurous, you can actually stay at this hotel, but for a whopping $350 CAD a night. Obviously, we didn’t do that but we did get to visit and tour inside by paying around $20.




This is a full bar! I guess that’s one way to stay warm!

This is the chapel where people actually get married!

um…whose fiancé is this?

2. Quartier Petit Champlain
is part of Old Quebec where the streets are lined with boutiques, cafes and restaurants! Here, you will see the pretty Christmas decorations and the streets covered in snow. It gives off an enchanting European atmosphere and embodies a quaint village. This is where the famous murals and paintings on the walls are located at!


As you walk up & down the stairs & the streets, there are really cute spots for photos – PERFECT for Instagram!

Look at how HUGE this mural is. It covers the whole building & there is so much detail that went into this artwork!

Also, this is where you’ll find the famous red door that appeared in Goblin! Didn’t find Gongyoo there though…

3. La Boutique de Noel
This is the Christmas store I was talking about earlier! It was probably always a must-see but ever since the drama, Goblin, came out, it gained even more popularity! There are literally lights EVERYWHERE and so much Christmas themed goodies. If I had to guess, this would be the place where Santa Clause resides all year around.

4. Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
Le Chateau Frontenac is the world’s most photographed hotel & can you see why?! It’s HUGE and BEAUTIFUL! This is one of the luxury hotels in Quebec City and I was about to book a room there but unfortunately, it was all sold out! We still got to go inside and tour around the lobby area. They also offer free tours inside of the hotel with guides, if you were interested in taking a look deeper inside.

5. Toboggan Slide
Overlooking the luxurious hotel is where you’ll find the toboggan slide and WOW, it’s HIGH & FAST. The lines can get a little long, but it goes by super fast because people are riding in groups and 3 groups go at one time! Carrying the toboggan all the way up to the top was a struggle because it was SO ICY the whole way up. I highly recommend the slide if you’re the adventurous type! But be sure to keep your legs in as much as possible because otherwise the railing will slide against your leg and it HURTS 😭(speaking from experience…)!!! I think it was around $2-3 per person!

picture from localfoodtours

6. Café La Maison Smith
There are a handful of these all around Old Quebec, each one carrying the most heavenly almond croissants I’ve EVER tasted. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Their hot chocolates are really popular and it’s the perfect place to warm up after exploring the streets outside! Although there are multiple of these cafés, sitting is pretty limited so you have to get a bit lucky to get a seat!

7. Maison de laLittérature
If you’ve been a long-time follower of mine on Instagram, you know my aesthetic. White, clean & minimal. This library is EXACTLY that. I loved the modern interior as well as the huge windows that provided natural light throughout the entirety of the building. It is absolutely beautiful! Not many tourists come here, but I thought I’d pay a visit! Plus it has free wifi, so why not?

^That is just so fitting…hehe

Clothing: I obviously went during the winter time so it was COLD & I mean, COLDDDD. If you’re also visiting during the winter, definitely dress in multiple layers & bring all the winter accessories you can think of: scarves, hats, gloves/mittens. Snow boots are a MUST. People were falling and slipping everywhere because of the ice!

Duration: We were in Quebec City for a full 2 days and honestly, that was enough! You can see all of Old Quebec in less than a day because everything is so close to each other. If you stay at a hotel in Old Quebec, it’ll be fine.

Transportation: Like I said, Old Quebec is a smaller area so if that’s all you’re interested in, you can just walk around everywhere! Quebec City also does have Uber which is what we used to get from the hotel to the airport.

Let me know whether you’ve been here or not and what YOU did! I would definitely love to visit in the autumn where the leaves are changing colors and the weather would be a bit warmer. I hope that this post was helpful if you ever plan to visit Quebec City!

Yours truly,

Yunah 💕


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