winter in korea

This past winter was an eventful one – 2 different countries in 1 month! 

It would be the last “winter break” I could have before starting PA school.

Buying tickets to Korea is definitely not cheap – especially if you don’t buy it ahead of time. After much hesitation,  I realized that the pros far outweighed the burden of the flight ticket and click! The ticket was bought.

Now, I flew to many places this year, but deciding to go to Korea was one of the best traveling decisions I made in all of 2016.

I got to see my grandparents who I have not seen in SO SO long. I got to learn so much more about them as people: their past, their passions, their thoughts. It’s crazy how our view of our grandparents and parents change as we mature into an adult. I got to re-experience the love and generosity they pour out to me & for that, I was thankful beyond words.

I’ve also noticed that they have aged so much in the past few years & at that moment, I committed to visiting them more. This 3 week trip gave me memories with my grandparents that I’ll never forget. It helped me learn that time goes by so fast and moments should be cherished. I was taught again the importance and value of family & I just feel so blessed to have such amazing family members who care for me even halfway across the world. 

Aside from all the sap, this trip was also eventful b/c I finally met the boyfriend’s parents in person. like oooooommmmmgggggg. Obviously I was super nervous but they were so very kind and welcoming (the best part of Korean culture aside from the food), and they made me feel so comfortable for which I was super thankful. 

We also got to spend SJ’s birthday together for the first time ever. He usually flies back to Korea and I stay here for my family & my job. So that was very special. 😊

Now here are the collection of pictures! I actually have so many pictures but here are some highlights:

[namsan tower]: so touristy but how can you not go? I’ve always wanted to ride up on that cable car and this is where all k-dramas are filmed! Everything is super overpriced, but like come on, you have to go here.

The lock was $8-$10 dollars and honestly you could probably buy the lock, write a cute little message and hang it somewhere for your eternal, unending, undying love or whatever; but we literally bought food with that money instead b/c #priorities.

Seriously, those locks were everywhere.

[bukchon hanok village]: This is a cute, traditional village located in between the famous landmarks (Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine). It’s definitely worth a stroll down the streets because everything is so picturesque: the walls, buildings, roofs, streets, etc. Plus you can rent the Korean traditional clothing (hanbok) and go crazy with cute pictures which is exactly what we did. 

those cute slippers!

if this doesn’t scream Korean, I don’t know what does.

[the food compilation]: When I went to Korea, I did not think that I’d be starting this blog or anything so I don’t remember the names of all the restaurants and cafes. Honestly though, there are just SO many options and wherever you go, your taste buds will thank you. Korea’s cafe menu is super pricey though – couple of items cost as much as your entire meal. But hey, aesthetics. 😏

Cafe Coin: where Reply 1994 was filmed. Their green tea bingsoo was BOMB.

left: Myung Dong Kyoja – must try place in Myung Dong (only have 3 items)

right: street food in Myung Dong. So many choices!!!

Would you believe if I told you I actually LOST weight in Korea? 

I think it’s because we walked around SO much. 

the prettiest cake I ever did see 😍

[trick eye museum]: There are several trick eye museums but we went to the one in Hongdae. Definitely a fun place to visit if you have time! There were 3 exhibits in the building itself: Trick Eye Musem, Love Museum, and the Ice Museum. We visited to the Trick Eye and the Ice Museum but not the Love Museum b/c it’s highly inappropriate lolol. Look it up on google to see what it is, if your curiosity is stirring.                                                        

Also tip: You can score cheap admission tickets on!

SJ made me pose for all the dirty ones -___-

when you actually can’t play any instruments..

Okay, this kid WOULD NOT MOVE. We told him to and he just stood there and smirked. what a troll.
HAHAHA this is my all time favorite picture from this place.

[daehak-ro mural village]: Kind of off the beaten path, this cute little village will take some time to get to. It’s easy to get to because there are signs everywhere that point you to the direction but it is a hike up. The whole village is seriously filled with art murals and walls with paintings, sketches, and drawings. Plus there are a bunch of cafes on the way if you want to stop and grab a bite or a drink. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing. There are also a bunch of secret stairways and passageways filled with murals too but SJ and I were way too tired to explore all of it.

My dad actually recommended us to visit here because this is where my mom and he went on dates together. SO CUTE. It was pretty cool to know that SJ and I were having a date where my parents had theirs.


this girl giving me the stinkiest stank eye of all time.

[team lab world]: Located right next to Lotte World, this place was SO cool. SJ and I have both been to Lotte World before so we skipped out on that and spent our time at Team Lab World instead. They have interactive lights & exhibits which are so cool! For example, there’s this one exhibit where you can pick a sea creature, color/design it however you want and they scan it which then goes into this huge screen with the ocean back ground and your creature floats around! Pretty darn cool. The highlight of the exhibit which is at the end reminds me of the Infinity Room in the Broad Museum in LA. Except this one is cooler b/c you have more than 45 seconds to actually view it. 


[dog cafes]: this was my ONE goal in Korea – to visit a dog cafe and my dream came true b/c SJ planned for us to go there on the first day we met up! (I love him the most when he plans things 😏) The dogs were so freaking cute omg. I’m sure there are way better dog cafes all over Korea but I was fully satisfied with this one. Korea has so many bizarre animal themed cafes such as a RACCOON CAFE and cafe with LAMBS. like what?!?! ah-mazing.

this pup was my faveeeee 😍 She even fell asleep in my arms 😭

[kakao cafe]: There’s this huge Kakao store in the middle of Gangnam and every time I went in that vicinity, I went inside this store. I wanted EVERYTHING. The characters are so cute. The stuff is expensive (obviously) but I did snag some cute air fresheners and drinks. SJ and I decided that once we get married and have our own place that we’re gonna have a collection of kakao friends mugs collection. It will happen. 

[etc.]: Now just some random collection of pics that didn’t fit anywhere.

literally obsessed with Korea’s packaging of their flowers 🌷🌹🌻🌸

Until next time… ✌



  1. Jessica Lam April 9, 2017 / 3:20 am

    Omggggg that dog in the dog cafe, so adorable!! I love all the photos, you and SJ are so cute together! <3

  2. Alicia Grace April 10, 2017 / 3:47 am

    Such cute photos!!! This post is giving me major wanderlust!! I want to visit Korea one day!

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