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DC was the perfect balance of professional and hipster. Foggy Bottom was bustling with businessmen and women in formal attire walking fast and with a purpose. When I went in for an interview at GWU, I learned what having a “DC Moment” meant – you never know what person of importance you might run into. Just north of that is Georgetown, lined up with red brick sidewalks and colorful buildings in all sizes. Georgetown boasts of its hidden corners/shops and aesthetic vibes everywhere you turn. Perfect for instagram, ya know what I mean? 😏

The highlight of the trip was spending the weekend with my past roomie & forever friend, Hannjoo, the crazy cat lady. We basically ate about 8 meals everyday – it was so great. Thank you for taking me around and posing for all of my pictures! 😘

first meal after landing: Shake Shack!!! 🍔🍟

I actually prefer shake shack over in n’ out…mostly for their fries. Is that against popular opinion?

omg dinner at To Sok Jip was soooooo filling…

But that didn’t stop us from getting this amazing cup of dessert. 😋

Next day, we headed over to Georgetown & explored all its charm:

ALSO, THEY HAD A CAT CAFE – ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Unfortunately, you needed a reservation to go in (which we did not have), so we couldn’t go in. That might have been a good thing though because I probably would have never left, tbh. 😻

As we were walking, we actually stumbled into this secret garden in the middle of the hustle bustle. Seriously, it was so small & easy to miss! So many people were just walking right by it but we opened the small white fence to enter & I’m so glad we did.

After so much walking (okay, not really), we had to refuel ourselves with some dessert. Baked & Wired was pretty amazing, I must say. No wonder there’s always a line. On one side, they sell cupcakes and on the other is where you can order coffee. 

Of course I spilled coffee on my white blouse. 

What else is new. 😑

Founding Farmers was the place for dinner. The place boasted of amazing ratings on yelp so we thought we’d give it a try. We found an AMAZING parking spot – obviously very rare for downtown DC but we had to wait over an hour for a seat. It was all good though because we needed to burn off some calories & the autumn weather was actually very pleasant. HJ and I caught up and we even talked about gross adult things like taxes & finances (which we still don’t know anything about, UGH). Also, the food was GREAT. Literally the best deviled eggs I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE.



RIP glasses… 👓

The next day was Sunday and we started out with brunch. Yeah so basically this blog is a food diary from all the places I’ve visited. Brunch was amazing. We went to Tupelo Honey Cafe & it was pretty heavy but that didn’t stop us from eating all the meals of the day…


They know that their jam is delicious too b/c they put it on everything. I don’t blame them.

DC was the first place where I tried a sushi burrito. It was a great first time experience because I’ve had so many sushi burritos since then.

After this sushi burrito, we were on the HUNT for Colette Miller’s angel wings. This was honestly such a struggle bus. We went to a whole different area (Alley Way) only to find out that the wings were no longer there. Do you know what that cost us? BAJILLION MOSQUITO BITES. UGHHHH. Our legs were literally covered in these HUGE mosquito bites. So for future reference, look up EMBASSY ROW HOTEL in DC.  That is where the wings are hidden. The wings are pretty high up for short people like me so they provide a step stool which is awesome. 👍

Hannj looking all cute & prepared b/c she wanted to come here.

And then there’s me like…..😶

HAHAHAH honestly such a struggle.

We ended the day with ramen at Daikaya for dindin 🙂

So that was my short but sweet weekend in DC and I want to end this blog with adorable pictures of Peaches, my dearest ex-pet. Peaches, we believe, was a Turkish Angora. She loves playing with water but hates taking baths. Her farts are super duper smelly and loves to lick her butthole. Let me introduce you to Peaches: 

She is now all grown-up and very princess-y, living with Hannj; but she was not always like that. Senior year of college, Peaches was the cutest little furball, shivering when my roommates and I first met her  in the parking lot of Wal-Mart (LOL) because she was probably so scared. She came home with us in the back of my ancient, Jurassic park car, in the arms of Hannjoo who was a hot mess because she was legit crying of happiness. 😂 It was a very spontaneous decision for me to literally go on craigslist and find an adorable kitten to keep at our apartment (rebellious, yes) but now she’s a lifelong friend (especially for Hannj even though she gives Peaches the WORST HAIRCUT EVER) and for that, I’m grateful. I will never forget the night when Hannj, Ro, and I literally picked fleas off of her in the bathtub at 2am in the morning. like wut. Regardless, this cat made me love cats & I’m so sad that I won’t be able to have one when I get married b/c SJ is allergic. so rude. Reliving these memories, here are the most adorable pictures of Peaches when she was a kitten. 

She loved this Frozen blanket on my bed. She always made herself comfortable. LOOK HOW SMALL SHE WAS.

She would always either sit here and stare at me or on my shoulders, tossing and tangling up my hair. The worst was when she legit would plop down on my laptop while I was working on something. Why do all cats do that?

But she was so so so adorable so all was forgiven. 😻

Anyway, it was a memorable weekend spending it with my 2 favorite cats in my life. Thank you Hannjoo and Peaches <3


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