venice, california (part 1)

I didn’t know that I’d be back in the west coast so soon! 

I’ve visited LA way too many times in the past 4 years but it seriously never gets old.

There are so many areas to explore & so many places to eat at & see!

I guess that’s why they say Caifornia Dreamin’

This time was special because some of the girls and I flew over to surprise our friend who got engaged!🎉🎉🎉  (vlog at the bottom capturing the surprise)

 eeeeeep!! It’s so surreal because it seems like just yesterday when they started dating! Like I remember being there when Hannjoo farted in front of Dan for the first time 😂😂😂! LOL you guys came a long way since then.

So crazy how I’m at the age now where everyone is getting engaged & married. 

Where did time go? ⏳ When did we become adults? How come I still don’t know how to adult? 

Anyway, we spent most of our time in Venice and I definitely enjoyed the sun & the waves. Maybe I enjoyed the sun way too much b/c I got a super bad sunburn on my face. ugh my life. Use sunscreen, people. 

Regardless, it was a nice little weekend getaway and it was so nice to spend time with friends to celebrate such a special occasion 💕 Definitely something we won’t forget!

[the day of the surprise]: Us girls were coming from all different states so we all arrived at different times. Stacy, Ro, and I flew in from Chicago and we luckily got on the same flight! (for such a cheap price, too!) We arrived at LAX at about 5:30pm then headed over to our airbnb where we met up with the other girls! Dan had made us a dinner reservation for 7:30pm at C&O Trattoria so us girls, all super anxious and excited, made our way over there for the surprise! Little did we know that the reservation actually DID NOT EXIST. Not sure what exactly happened but we explained our situation and luckily, there was an open table that was available! Phew!! Crisis averted. Then I texted Dan that we’ve arrived at the restaurant. Now the only thing left was for him to bring Hannjoo over. Oh boy oh boy, were we ANXIOUS. Couldn’t sit still in our seats and kept looking over at literally every asian couple to see if they were who we were waiting for 😂 THEN THEY FINALLY ARRIVED! 🎉🎉🎉 Hannjoo ugly cried (again) which was what I, personally, was hoping for and not gonna lie, it made me tear up too. Oh, friendship. 👯 Anyway, the surprise was a success!!!! Minus the wind that was blowing hardcore, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was cozy, and everyone was so relieved and happy 🙂 

We all went back to our airbnb & obviously had a photo sesh. Here are the results of those:

eeep! Froomies reunited!!!!! 💕💕💕

[the day after]: The next day was a girls’ day! (the best kind of day, if you ask me) We basically went for brunch, walked around near Abbot Kinney, window shopped & enjoyed the sun and the beach. Getting some vitamin D is so tiring – I was ready for a nap once the afternoon rolled around. 😪 

It was very relaxing though – haven’t sat out on the beach in such a long time so the sand between my toes felt so so so good. Plus, the brunch we had at Butcher’s Daughter and the dinner we had at Pono Burger was SOOOOO BOMB. Delicious food & great company. What else can a girl ask for? 

omg the matcha pancakes were SO good 😍

Once again, a HUGE CONGRATS to you two! 

So so so so happy for you guys!! 💕


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