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It’s been such a long time since my last post. Oops! PA school has been keeping me busy but I finally found the time to update you guys on some trips I took since I’ve started! πŸ˜…
Back in May I took a 10-day trip which consisted of 3 cities: Seattle, Portland, and Maui – needless to say, it was AMAZING.

This is leg 1 of the trip: Seattle, Washington

β†’ Scroll all the way down for the VLOG! ←

Pike Place Market/Gum Wall: 

Market: 1st Ave and Pike St.

Gum Wall: 1428 Post Alley

Of course, the first place we decided to visit was the famous Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall! There were so many vendors for souvenirs, clothing, food, etc. I was most intrigued by the flowers though – tulips overload. 🌸🌷🌹 We did grab a bite at Piroshky Piroshky Bakery, a Russian bakery, b/c of its raving reviews on yelp (but I wasn’t super impressed).

gum EVERYWHERE – all over the walls, floor, etc.

People did spend time making masterpieces out of their chewed gum though – worth looking at! πŸ˜‚

Seattle Public Library: 1000 Fourth Ave. 

The Seattle Public Library is an amazing work of architecture. Random fact: I am a huge architecture buff, mostly b/c my dad is an architect and I’ve been exposed to a lot of it. Anyway, the building itself was very modern and unique and the interior of the library did not let down my expectations! There were different color-themed spaces which was super cool! (can see that in the vlog)

Pokeworks: 1200 3rd Ave. 

Time for some lunch! SJ and I are HUGE poke and sushi fans so whenever we travel, we’re always down to find some poke places – Seattle was no exception! We went to Pokeworks and it was really delicious! I would recommend this to anyone down to eat poke in Seattle.

Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room: 1124 Pike St.

SJ is a huge coffee fan so we decided to check this place out. This place is HUUUGE – so roomy. I’ve never seen so many baristas in one place. β˜• So obviously their coffee and desserts were overpriced (Starbucks & a touristy place – what do you expect?) but their tiramisu was πŸ’―. Also, they give out a lot of tours and free coffee tastings! (anything free – sign me up!)

Frankie & Jo’s: 1010 E Union St.

This is a really cute, but tiny ice cream shop! (extra points b/c it’s instagram worthy) The ice cream shop is actually plant-based! SJ said it was too healthy for him. πŸ˜‚ I actually really enjoyed it though – it was really tasty! I tried the beet flavor and was pleasantly suprised!

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum: 305 Harrison St.

We couldn’t leave Seattle without coming to this museum! Everything was made out of glass and it was super colorful! It was definitely cool to look at but I was so mad at the end b/c I had an idea of what kind of pictures I wanted to take for the final exhibition but the space was being rented out for an event…😭 Couldn’t even go inside the place I was most excited to go into so I sadly just took pictures of it from the outside like a creep.

Din Tai Fung: 

(There are multiple locations & I don’t remember which one we went to except that it was inside of a mall, sorry!)

Sj mentioned that this place was really famous so we decided to give it a visit! They’re a super popular  Taiwanese food chain restaurant famous for their soup dumplings and noodles. I could tell how popular it was because there was a looooooooooooong line. While we waited for like 45 minutes, we did get to eat some clam chowder in between from a shop next door. πŸ˜‚ Well, the wait was WORTH it. The dumplings were REALLLLY good and I was actually really impressed by their bubble tea!!!! I am a huge bubble tea snob & very picky about which ones I like and this place passed the test. 

Kerry Park:  211 W Highland Dr.

I wanted to come visit this tiny little park because apparently, it had one of the best skylines of Seattle. I did not realize, however, how much of a HIKE it would be. omg, there were steep streets and hills the entire way there. I looked at the bright side and decided it was worth it to work off all the calories we consumed that day lol. Needless to say when we finally reached the park, it was worth it! The view was amazing and we stayed there for a while (to catch our breath, mostly). 

A super funny (and sad?) thing happened though! STORYTIME: There were rose petals everywhere and SJ and I thought it was like a promposal or something but it turned out someone was actually proposing! The couple was nowhere to be seen but all of the friends were frantic and trying to make sure the rose petals won’t flying away and doing crowd control (so many people were taking pictures inside the rose petals lololol). When the couple finally came, let me just say that the girl did NOT seem happy. From what we could hear, she kept saying, “This is not a good day,” but with a BUNCH of people watching, I think she ended up saying yes. The friends all jumped out and started congratulating them and that’s the first time I saw the girl smile…The whole event was pretty awkward though – yikes. 

The most awkward and uncomfortable proposal I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Ooink: 1416 Harvard Ave.

We only stayed in Seattle for like 2 days and it rained on and off on day two. We watched movies at the movie theatre and just went shopping that day so I don’t have too many pictures! But I always crave ramen or any kind of noodles on a rainy day so we decided to give this place a try. It’s tucked away in a small corner of this one plaza but it definitely hit the spot on a rainy day. β˜”

It would obviously not be a complete trip if I didn’t visit aesthetic cafes and dessert spaces so here are some of the places that I decided to stop at! (Take note, Instagram people)

Blank Space Cafe:

2126 2nd Ave. 

General Porpoise Doughnuts: 1020 E. Union St. 

I HIGHLY recommend this place if you have similar taste in aesthetics as me. I was obsessed with this place – lofted layout, marble tables, classy ceramics. Their doughnuts were REALLY yummy too! Salty AND sweet and the cream filling was not too sweet which is always a plus for me.

Mr. West Cafe Bar: 720 Olive Way 

Another cafe with amazing aesthetics. This cafe had wide open spaces with wooden interior decorated with the perfect amount of cute plants. Their avocado toast was pretty yummy too!

Thank you for reading if you reached this far! Hope this post gives you guys some ideas on what to do in Seattle if you ever plan to visit! It was such an amazing city and I definitely would love to go back sometime πŸ™‚


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