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San Francisco is, without a doubt, one of the most photogenic cities in my opinion. 

The Golden Gate Bridge itself is literally so beautiful – so many different angles to view, too!

This was the first time my younger sister and I travelled alone together and it was definitely an unforgettable experience. Definitely helped that roundtrip tickets from Chicago were around ~$180. #WIN

SF itself is small enough to explore all the major attractions in 2-3 days but it also possesses SO many different pockets of culture & vibes. Serene pockets of nature here, bustling city life there – the city is a melting pot of diversity & I’m lucky to have experienced it to the fullest. 

I took pictures left & right, backwards & forwards (literally I got dizzy b/c of all the angles my head/neck was turning with the camera πŸ˜…) b/c EVERYTHING WAS SO CAPTIVATING.

It was hard to narrow down my favorites but here it goes [VLOG included at the bottom of post]:

[golden gate bridge]:

-one of the the only pictures we have together on this trip. Do we look alike? 😏-

[blackwood]: American Thai fusion food 

[palace of fine arts theatre]: 

[kirby cove]:literally my favorite place in San Francisco. It was an unexpected hike down from battery spencer but sooooooo worth it when you reach this place. The view is absolutely incredible and it’s pretty secluded if you come at the right time. It’s a campground so it would be really awesome if you enjoy camping! I’m more of a “glamping” girl so…

**TIP: It’s actually pretty difficult to get on the swing if you’re vertically challenged like I am. There is a log that you step on and from there you have to use your upper body strength (which I have none of) to hoist yourself up. I recommend not wearing something that has the potential to flash people. Once on the swing, it’s actually pretty high up that you have to jump down.

[financial district]: There’s actually so much to do here. Many many food options! The ones I tried were sushirrito & boba guys but there are so so so many options especially b/c the ferry building is near here. The ferry building hosts farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings and also has a ton of cute cafes and restaurants – bound to fit everyone’s preferences.

clearly my aesthetic. 


I had a photoshoot with my boba guys b/c it was legit the best boba I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. I’m seriously still having withdrawals. Wish they brought boba guys to Chicago – I would go there legit everyday.

[painted ladies//the mill sf]: instgrammer’s dream. Of course you have to visit the place where Full House was filmed! Can’t believe people actually live here. I personally wouldn’t want everyone to take a picture of my house all the time but… After snapping a couple pics there, you can walk over to the Mill to get a quick snack/drink. Such an aesthetically pleasing cafe. Their shelving and interior are *goals*. It’s pretty hard to get a spot since it IS so popular but if it’s your lucky day, the Mill is a great place to get some casual work done!

[arboretum & japanese tea garden]: The arboretum is a great place to go on a rainy day (which is exactly what we did) and the japanese tea garden is literally so beautiful. The pictures speak for themselves.

[land’s end//sutro baths]: Located on the northwestern side of SF, this windy shoreline gives you amazing views. There is even a small cave when you climb down and you can walk so close to the shores & the rocks. On this specific day, it was literally so windy and the waves were crashing so close to us! Result: wet & salty, unintended beach hair.

[golden gate park windmill]: A very small patch of land located at the golden gate park, just south of land’s end. When I snapchatted this, people legit asked me if I was in Europe. Dutch windmills and flowers fill the frame with so much saturation – soooo pretty. 🌷🌹🌺🌻

[outerlands]: popular brunch place. expect to wait in a line. Their sweet apple dutch pancake was BOOOOOOOMB though. Also loved the cozy feeling, surrounded by wooden interior w/ copper accents.

[brenda’s french soul food]: Another popular brunch place in SF. the first time I ever tried beignets & OMG DROOOOOL. My sister and I literally stuffed our faces in record time. The sweet beignets and the savory potatoes were an amazing combo. 

[mama’s on washington square]: regarding the best brunch spot, this place takes the CAKE. I can legit say this was one of the best brunch I’ve EVER had. Mama’s is a small, but an amazing place serving you fresh fruits and juice. Their Monte Cristo was SOOOOOOO good. I can honestly still taste this and I’ll never forget the goodness of this heavenly meal. I think I would eat this every single day if I could. 

[sf city hall]: we saw SOOO many brides & grooms at city hall. So many people get married here & have their pictures taken – and rightfully so. Just look at this place. It looks majestic and the lighting is AMAZING. There are many bright & open halls filled with amazing details of architecture. We took so many pictures here but, I’ll spare you the overload.

[16th avenue tiled steps]: located near the Sunset District, this is a must-see! The views are INCREDIBLE. There’s definitely a reason why it’s called the sunset district. More intense the hills, more beautiful the view. At the top of the stairs, you can see the whole city. I think there are multiple sets of steps but we only went to one. Still very pretty though πŸ™‚

If you’ve made it this far, kudos to you! If you ever intend to visit SF, hopefully you find these pictures helpful πŸ™‚

Check out the vlog below for more details!


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