pink & green

My little sister, who is now legally an adult (SO WEIRD), visited me during spring break & we had a really great time! We saw that the flowers were actually blooming (despite the cold winds) so we went out and took some pictures! 🌸🌸🌸

I couldn’t decide between two outerwear pieces so I took both since I’m extra like that.

PS: These pictures are all taken with my iPhone 7. I’m pretty impressed with the quality! 

Coat: Barbour Gustnado Waterproof Jacket

buy here.

Bag: COURONNE Mars Tote

(purchased in Korea)

HAHAH she looks so cold.

Been obsessed with blush lately. Anyone else? πŸ’•

If someone finds my right hand, can you please return it? 

Such pretty blooms!!! 😍😍😍

A rare picture where we actually look alike. 

Thanks for visiting, sis! πŸ’•


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