PanIQ Escape Room

Escape rooms have been all the hype recently and I can personally say that they live up to the hype!

For those of you who have no idea what escape rooms are, the concept is very simple. You and a group of people have a set amount of time (usually an hour) to escape a room. It’s a physical and mental adventure game where you solve various puzzles and riddles using clues to complete a mission. They are SO challenging, fun, and thrilling! πŸ‘

Recently, I was invited to PanIQ Escape Room Chicago to experience one of their rooms and my friends and I had SUCH a great time! πŸ‘―We picked the theme called “Infection” because..well, we’re a bunch of health professional grad students so it just seemed fitting. πŸ˜‚The company had other options as well such as “The Mob” and “The Prison”& I would be SO down to go back and try them!

The staff at PanIQ Escape Room were kind enough to let me showcase the experience and give you guys a little sneak peek into their rooms! Also, I am including a promo code for you guys so you can take your group of friends and experience these for yourselves at a discounted price! (Scroll down to the bottom! πŸ‘‡)
It was honestly one of the most fun escape rooms I have been to so I highly recommend it!
Keep reading to find out whether we made it out in time and a peek into the rooms! πŸ˜‰

This was the room that we were first placed into. We had to look for clues & hints here to unlock the door to the other rooms!

I was honestly so impressed by each of the rooms & how much detail went into them.

This gave us so much trouble…πŸ˜‚We thought there was another way we had to solve this but it just turned out that we were too unskilled. Oopsie!

So basically, we didn’t make it out of the room and would’ve joined these skeletons..


We made it out with 8 minutes left!! πŸ™Œ

It was honestly SOOOO mentally exhilarating – got our adrenaline going!

Thank you so much PanIQ Escape Room for an AMAZING experience &

allowing us to take a break from PA school!

Here is a promo code that you & your friends can enjoy as well: YUNAH

You can use this code to receieve 25% off through all of March!

They are located in Chicago as well as other major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC, Miami & etc.

I guarantee you guys will have SO much fun! Good luck! πŸ€

Let me know if you guys have tried Escape Rooms before and what your experiences were. Would love to know!


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