nassau, bahamas

My dearest friend Julie & I took a rather spontaneous trip to the Bahamas in July and it was one of the best decisions ever. Bluest skies, clearest waters, such friendly people.

One of the highlights was taking the powerboat to a private island and petting/feeding stingrays. Being surrounded by the cutest little birds were great too. Can you tell I really love chilling with animals? lulz 

omg had the time of my life & here are the pictures to prove it (VLOG included at the very bottom):

the cutest little coco

jules was slightly obsessed with the coco

literally the clearest of waters 😍

our airbnb on Paradise Island

As soon as we landed, we walked over to the Versailles Gardens which was literally the prettiest place EVER. So clearly we had a photoshoot.

literally the cutest <3

Then of course, we had to have our beach days 🌊🌊🌊

RIP hat. LOL


b/c she could actually jump on top of this while I legit had the most difficult time…

Private Island Time:

omg look at this tanned goddess 👀

We actually celebrated the 4th of July in the Bahamas so we got to watch some beautiful fireworks and enjoy carnival games & food! 🎡🎉

Bahamas, I will be back!!


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