Instagrammable Spots/Where to Eat in Tulum

Today, I’m sharing with you some instagrammable spots I visited while in Tulum!
Unfortunately, we only spent a few hours in Tulum so we didn’t get to visit all the places I had on my list, but Tulum is such a picturesque place in the middle of a jungle so there are plenty of photo opportunities along the way. I will definitely be visiting again once I have more time….and money. 😂

First things first: How to get to Tulum. My fiancé and I were staying in Cancun so we rented a car for a day to drive to Tulum. It’s not hard to get to because you just take one highway straight down. It took about 2-2 1/2 hours from Cancun. There is a bus from downtown Cancun that can take you to Tulum too, if you prefer. It’s called ADO Bus and it’s SUPER CHEAP. However, due to the convenience of it all, we decided to just rent a car. Once you arrive in Tulum, I recommend that you park the car somewhere (either street park if you can find a place or there are public parking places that you can pay about $150 pesos for the whole day) and RENT A BIKE. You can explore the whole town of Tulum by just biking because all the hotels, shops, beaches and restaurants are along one long road. Bike rentals are EVERYWHERE and you will have no problem finding a place to rent from. The prices range from 100-150 pesos from what I remember!


In my opinion, Matcha Mama is the one place that every Instagrammer visits to get the perfect picture. You’ve probably already seen it all over Instagram. They have pretty string lights, pastel colors, plants, and SWINGS. I’m convinced that this place was built just for a picture. The aesthetic was just perfection. I ordered their açai bowl and it was so refreshing! They’re also open every single day, including holidays. We went on Christmas Day!


You can’t miss this adorable, pastel blue tuk tuk in the middle of Tulum. This place has a great ambiance and the workers are super friendly. They serve tacos and ice cream! (vegan options were also available!)


There are cute signs posted around in many places in Tulum, this one being one of the most photographed ones! I mean…it’s super cute so I see why! You will find this sign next to Lolita Lolita Tulum which is a shop that sells clothing, health & beauty things.


I’ve never seen this place pop up in any of the blogs or travel guides that I researched about Tulum and I felt that this restaurant HAD to be on my recommendation list. My fiancé and I were tired after all the biking and I was starting to get hangry. Then we saw this restaurant which had open outdoor seating and decided to give it a try! It was THE best decision we made in Tulum that day. Their food was SOOOOOO BOMBBBBBBB! I’m drooling just thinking about it. We ordered an avocado toast and tacos. The tacos were literally the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life and I promise I’m not exaggerating!


There are multiple cenotes in Tulum that are available for a visit, but we had limited time and chose to only go to one: Cenote Calavera! It’s a small swimming hole that you can jump into! There’s also a ladder that you can climb for those who prefer not to jump into the dark abyss. 😂They also installed a cute swing which makes it perfect for a quick Instagram shot! There is small area of parking available in the area in front of the cenote. A small fee (50 pesos) was collected to enter the cenote area. I recommend coming here early as possible if you don’t want to be around any people. OR you can just photoshop them out like I did here. 😉


Like I said, I unfortunately didn’t have time to visit all of the places I wanted to see due to time restraints but I’ll list them here for you guys!

1. Azulik – Azulik resort is the place that everyone raves about and rightfully so. However, it does cost an average of about $700/night so it definitely makes you think twice. The resort is restricted to hotel guests during the day time but when we went, the employee told us that the bar/restaurants are open from 5pm. The drinks are super expensive as well, but I would’ve paid that to see the sights that Azulik has to offer. Definitely for next time!

picture from

picture from

2. COCO TULUM – Another really popular hotel among tourists because of their white aesthetic and cute swings! They also required a minimum $50/person spend to be let in so we unforunately had to pass on that. However, I have heard of other people being able to go in just to order drinks.

3. CASA MALCA – Apparently, this boutique hotel was owned by the infamous Pablo Escobar! The hotel right now is very popular due to its aesthetics. I would definitely want to check it out the next time I visit.

When you walk the streets of Tulum, it’s seriously so charming and relaxing. You’re literally in the middle of the jungle and I actually had no cell reception! It’s where I would love to spend a day or two, just unplugging from reality. I hope that this guide was helpful and provided some insight on what you can do during your stay in Tulum! Please share any other hidden gems that I have not mentioned because I would love to put them on my list for next time!


  1. Cherise @chereneo March 21, 2019 / 1:36 pm

    Saving this for whenever I’m finally able to visit Tulum!! Love the variety of places you shared and the details on how to find places and how much you have to spend to take photos. Thank you for sharing your experiences!!! 😍

  2. Eric Smith September 7, 2019 / 11:46 pm

    Try the whole fried fish, garlic shrimp, and ceviche all were amazing! Both times I’ve dined here twice in large groups, and everyone loved their dishes.

  3. Michelle September 16, 2019 / 5:59 pm

    Ah I’ve been wanting to go! Will save this for future reference =)

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