15 Instagrammable Cafes in New York

If you have been following me for a while now, you know my love for aesthetics and cafes. And when both of those things are combined, I am the happiest gal! (Honestly, it’s all about the simple things πŸ˜‰)

On the last post, I provided all the Instagrammable Places in New York. For this post, I’m sharing with you, specifically, some Instagrammable Cafes in New York if you’re looking for a little caffeine fix! β˜•οΈ

1. Remi NYC

Flower shop + Cafe combined? SWOOOOON ~ 😍


Another flower shop & cafe combo. Such a power move. I was obsessed with the aesthetics of this cafe & it was HUGE! All of their drinks and the food we ordered were so delicious too. Definitely ranking this one on top!

3. Le Tea

Can’t live without my milk tea. The interior of this place was a mix of gold and greens and my heart was happy. Super cute cafe, right by the Flat Iron Building!

4. Greecologies

Not gonna lie, went here for that white rock aesthetics. There’s also a really cute outdoor space in the back which we didn’t get to go into because it was closed at the time, but definitely worth checking out! Also, the latte art is usually better but I think the guy who took my order for this day was a noob.

5. Flour Shop

This cafe is for you if you’re into all things color! There are rainbows and pastel colors everywhere! In the cafe, there are also super cute props like benches and chairs where you can go crazy with the photo opps hehe. They also sell rainbow cakes which are one of their popular items!

6. Cha Cha Matcha

For all you matcha lovers! Their interior is super cute with a pink and green theme in addition to the decoration with neon lights!

7. Urban Backyard

This cafe is a an elegant oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. The interior is super cute and I was seriously obsessed with all the plants! 🌱The entryway’s tiles are also a coffee drinkers’ dream. It’s a very small space though, so it might be hard to find a spot!

8. Sweet Moment

Sweet Moment is a dessert cafe which is known for their creative and cute latte art as well as amazing shaved ice concoctions! Just look at how cute my drink was!

9. Woops!

I honestly want my entire house to look like the interior and aesthetics of this cafe. It’s clean, light, and airy! Their coffee was also delicious and macarons were yummy too! I believe that there are two locations – one in NYC and one in Brooklyn. The one I visited and the one pictured here is the Woops! cafe in Brooklyn on Driggs Avenue.

10. Supermoon Bakehouse

I’m a lover of carbs and this bakery satisfies all of my cravings. Just look at all the different kinds of pastries they serve AND look at how pretty they all look!! I was so obsessed. The beautiful pink and white interior definitely belongs on Instagram.

11. Blank Slate Coffee

Another cafe filled with the beautiful pink & white aesthetics that I love, oh so much! Blank Slate Coffee is super cute and their lattes are delicious! There is also a Blank Slate Coffee & Kitchen which is actually right next to this cafe so make sure to differentiate between the two! I walked into the Blank Slate Coffee & Kitchen and was very confused because the interior is definitely different (still cute, but different).

12. Bar Pa Tea

I mainly went looking for this dessert spot because of their boba ice cream but was pleasantly surprised to see how cute it looked inside, as well! They have a super cute neon sign as well as a pretty stand-up bar area! Needless to say, this ice cream was absolutely delicious and the texture of the boba was perfect!

13. Boba Guys – Canal Street Market

Hope you can tell how excessive my love for boba is by now… so I can’t just not mention Boba Guys. Now, there are multiple boba guys in NYC and I’ve been to two of them. The one pictured is here is located in the Canal Street Market in Soho! Their drinks are delicious, their boba is just perfection, and it’s located in Soho which is filled with pretty buildings that make the perfect background for a picture.

14. Grace Street Coffee & Desserts

Continuing on this boba series…JUST LOOK AT THIS DESSERT. I’m currently drooling as I’m looking at this picture again. The place is called Grace Street Coffee & Desserts and it’s usually packed! Unlike most of the other places I’ve mentioned, the interior isn’t the best (in my opinion) for pictures, but their drinks and desserts DEFINITELY are instagram-worthy. And yes, the they are actually as delicious as they look.

15. Chillhouse

So this spot is actually a spa! They offer facials, manis, and pedis as well as a cute cafe attached to it. That neon graphic is everything.


Hope you enjoyed the compilation of some of my favorite cafes in NYC! Let me know if you’ve ever been to any of them! Also, share below if there are other cafes that I didn’t mention in this post! Would love to know. Happy cafe hopping! β˜•οΈ

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