14 Instagrammable Places in New York City + Tips!

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The long awaited post about Instagrammable Spots in NYC is now here! 🍎
As a NYC lover myself, I’ve been to the iconic city multiple times, falling in love every time I visit. Because there are so many places to see and so much delicious food to eat, I feel like I’ll never get sick of New York! Do you feel the same way? Plus the public transportation makes it so convenient to get around which is a huge bonus.

There will be a separate blog post which will encompass Instagram worthy cafes so stay tuned for that! β˜•οΈ

1. Flatiron BuildingΒ 

New York embraces a beautiful collection of architecture and The Flatiron Building is obviously one of the most well-known buildings! Sometimes the building is under construction (like shown in some of the pictures below) but she’s still a beaut and can’t be missed during your trip to NYC!

PS: Did you know that the Flatiron was originally supposed to be called the Fuller Building?

2. SOHO – NoMo SoHo Hotel

SOHO is THE place to visit if you want to get some shopping done! Whether it be for luxury brands or more affordable options, soho has got you covered. PLUS there is no clothing tax on items less than $110 so…it’s a good excuse to shop until you drop. This area is absolutely beautiful and it’s filled with really yummy places to eat at (such as the Canal Street Market – hellooooo Boba Guys!). I love the pastel colored buildings and just the vibe of this entire area.

One of the most Instagrammable places in SoHo is at the NoMo SoHo Hotel! I’ve seen so many photoshoots and even wedding photoshoots done here and I see why! The entrance to the hotel is so extravagant with its pretty lights and lush plants surrounding the grand archway. Definitely a photogenic spot!

3. Renwick Triangle – Struveysant St. & E 10th St.

I visited this beautiful hidden corner only on my most recent visit and I’m so happy with how the pictures turned out! I personally haven’t seen many posts about how to find this spot so I thought it would be helpful to include it on my post! This quaint little spot is on the corner of Struveysant Street and E 10th Street. I believe this corner is called the Renwick Triangle and it has the most picturesque terrace on the most unique house which means it definitely deserves a spot on your Instagram.

Tip: I recommend you use a wide-angle lens/camera to take in the full view of this corner!

4. New York Public Library

The NYPL is STUNNING. From its gorgeous stairs on the exterior to the intricate details of the interior, there are so many spots to capture.

5. The Oculus

The Oculus, aka The World Trade Center Station is a transit hub and boasts a sleek & modern design which attracts millions of people all over the world. Because of this, it’ll probably be very difficult to get a picture with no one in your background. There are plenty of shops and dining inside so that’s something you can explore too!


Yumi Kim is actually a designer and this spot is a clothing store! The artwork against the wall changes pretty often so what you see in this mural is not what you will see if you visit. From other pictures I’ve seen though, the artwork has always been pretty and instaworthy! Also, what you see behind me is actually a garbage bin… I’ve seen pictures of people who get on top of it and their pictures turn out super cute, but just couldn’t bring myself to do that. πŸ˜…However, if you’re feeling bold enough, go for it!!!

7. Galeria Melissa NYC

Here is another place in NY that not a lot of people talk about! Not many people know about this place because Galeria Melissa is actually a shoe store! It’s a flagship store located in SoHo and from the outside it just looks like a regular shop. HOWEVER, inside of the store, there are new exhibits and installations that come and go and it definitely leaves a visual impact. So again, you will probably not get to view the same installation that I did but from all the exhibits I’ve seen, it never seems to disappoint!

8. The Vessel

One of the newest attractions in the city!!! I remember the last time I visited NYC, I went to the Hudson Yards and the Vessel was being built. It was so cool to be able to see the final product in person! The Vessel straight up looks like something that landed on Earth from the future.

TIP: There are queues to get into this structure! You need to have tickets (FREE!) to be let in and there are interactive kiosks around the Vessel where you can get it emailed or texted. Also, they only let a limited number of people go in at a time based on what time slot you selected. I suggest going there a bit early or maybe getting your tickets in advance to secure a spot for the 10AM spot which is when the Vessel opens. That way, you can be in the first group to enter and there will be more opportunities to get a picture in without too many people in the way!

9. Coffee n’ Clothes

So this is actually a cafe BUT I felt that it was more appropriate to include in this post. I personally did not get a coffee here – although, if you wanted, this is where you can get super boujee looking latte art on your drinks. The cafe area of this space is actually really tiny and there are only a couple of tables and seating available. However, this space is a media and production company that holds really cool exhibits that show trends, products, and culture!

10. The MET – Upper East Side

Gossip Girl, anyone? I’m lumping The MET and The Upper East Side into one because that’s the general location of where I will be talking about. The MET aka The Metropilitan Museum of Art is popular among tourists! I wish I had the chance to explore the inside but maybe next time! The MET is in the Upper East Side and let me tell you – this area is BEAUTIFUL. The apartment buildings and the streets are absolutely gorgeous. Obviously you have to be super rich and boujee to live here but WOW… I really wonder what the interior of these apartments look like. I was taking pictures in front of one beautiful apartment (shown below) and literally a mom and a little boy walked into the exact building I was in front of… *facepalm* “Please don’t mind me, I’m just taking pictures in front of your beautiful apartment that I will never ever be able to live in. Adopt me?”

11. Brooklyn Bridge

You can’t go to NY and not go to the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s too iconic!!

TIP: If you’re actually dedicated to getting a picture with no one in the background, go super early! I went at 7AM and not only was it almost completely empty, the sunrise was so darn beautiful.

Tip #2: If you’re taking public transportation like I did, you can get off of the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall stop and walk to and across the bridge to get to the next spot I’m going to introduce!


Another famous Instagram spot is in Dumbo, Brooklyn where the Empire State Building can be seen through a little peep hole formed by the Manhattan Bridge. Most of you have probably seen this spot!
You can grab a picture of this spot on the corner of Water St. and Washington St.

PRO TIP: Obviously there are a lot of people on this street BUT even so, you can get a picture without anyone in it. Just go as towards the bridge as close as possible and snap away! That way, even though it may be crowded, all the people will be technically in front of you, not showing anyone in your background. This is how I got some of my shots and a lot of people asked me how I got the pics without anyone in it. You can thank me later! *wink*

13. Jane’s Carousel

Just a short walk away from the spot above is Jane’s Carousel. It’s a merry-go-around which is open all year in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’ve seen many people photograph here, film dance videos, and even witnessed some proposals!

14. The Apartment By the Line

Okay so unfortunately, The Apartment by the Line is permanently closed but I just had to include it on here for the memories. It used to be a super aesthetic boutique in SoHo selling home decor, beauty products, clothes, and cute gifts but is no longer there which is super sad. The interior was just too beautiful to keep to myself so here is a memoir.


Well, that concludes it!

Let me know how many places you’ve been to on this list – I would absolutely love to know!
I hope this list helps you on your next trip to the Big Apple πŸ™‚

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